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Every year we’re waiting for the fall to start. This colorful season allows us to get very creative. Different holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving even Black Friday give us a chance to show our talent.

This year we’re more than happy to present to our customers new collection. It’s about colors, fun, joy and volume

. We use feathers, dry palm leaves and spikes painted in different colors. Don’t be afraid to combine the unusual!

We also recommend to use pumpkins as a base for the flower arrangements, you can’t paint them in pink, blue, silver or gold.

Our favorite colors combinations are:

  • Classic: gold, lilac, orange, burgundy with little touch of light pink. You can mix roses, mini roses, eustoma, pistachios, painted dry palm leaves and hypericum.

  • Passionate: purple, gold, burgundy, light pink, green. For this combination you can use roses, eustoma, chrysanthemum, pistachios, spray roses and alstroemerias.

  • Light compositions can represent fall as well: orange, light pink, white, green. Flowers: roses, eustoma, pistachios, feathers and eucalyptus.

  • Dramatic: purple, lilac, burgundy and green. For this combination we use: roses and spray roses, painted dry palm leaves, eustoma and bellflowers.

Please don't be shy to share your ideas for "autumn inspired" bouquets bellow this post. We will be very happy to hear your feedback regarding this topic.

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