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Most popular spring flowers and how to treat them.

So, why it is so important to know when is the season? Easy, it guarantees the long life of the flower in your flower arrangement, the size of the burgeon, the colorfulness and the price.

Freesia’s high season is spring (in some countries you can find it during the whole year, but the quality and price may be not as good, as you expect). This flower comes in several popular colors such as white, pink, lilac and yellow. It is known by a very delicate smell, and can add not only a special charm, but also a delicate scent to your flower arrangement.

The best combination will be with tulips, hydrangeas, spray or regular roses with a little touch of eucalypt.

How to take care of a bouquet with freesias. You should change the water and clean the vase every two days, keep it away from the radiators and direct sunlight. With a proper care freesia can last up to 2 weeks.

Ranunculus’ season is from January till May. These are soft, delicate and bubbly flowers. Most popular colors are burgundy, white, pink, creamy. They look perfect in an airy and gentle composition. You can mix them with roses, eucalypts or pistachios.

How to take care of a bouquet with ranunculus. These flowers love water, fill the vase with 2/3 of water; change the water and clean the vase, cut 1cm of the stems, eliminate dead leaves every day

Tulips are popular since January till May. There are more then 80 types of tulips, the most famous are: terry tulips, lily tulips, fringed tulips and the classic ones.

They come in a variety of colors, so it’s up to your imagination which combination to create.

As tulip by itself is a very eye catchy flower, it’s perfect for a monobouquet.

You can combine it with freesias, roses, eucalypts.

How to take care of a bouquet with tulips. Fill the vase with 7 cm of water, eliminate the leaves that are touching water, make small (1cm) vertical cuts in the stems. Warning: do not cut a steam at an angle. Change the water, clean the vase, cut 1cm of the stems every day.

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